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About King Arthur Cannabis

Treat Yourself Royally.

Our mission at King Arthur is to deliver the finest grade craft quality concentrates and edibles to you. We’re passionate about high-purity, terpene rich cannabis extracts, and work together with Canada’s best growers to share the bounty of our land with you.

Hand Crafted near the Great Lakes in Ontario, Canada. King Arthur Cannabis brings the care, attention, and detail of fine Canadian craftsmanship with the passion of making award winning solventless and distilled extracts. We pride ourselves on our standards, without compromise to deliver the finest products, that even the most discerning connoisseur would enjoy.

King Arthur was founded by cannabis lovers who were determined to bring a professional artisanal approach to our growing industry. We’re dedicated to setting a new standard for quality, and to elevate your cannabis experience, as we share our journey with you.

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Top Quality Extracts

We are dedicated to the idea that extracts are the purest expression of cannabis, a true reflection of the plant’s vivid flavor profiles and incredible wellness benefits.
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Solventless Concentrates

Hand crafted to the absolute highest quality standards, made only with whole plant fresh frozen material genetically selected to only produce the most exquisite Live Rosin. Our completely solventless production process combines expert application of heat and pressure with advanced curing to capture pure terpene profiles that are perfectly true to each incredible harvest

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Our signature CO2 cartridges stay true to the essence of cannabis with 100-percent strain specific cannabis terpenes and pharmaceutical-grade THC distillate. The leakproof design includes a nonreactive ceramic wick and universal 510-thread vape cartridge. Packaged in compact tin packaging for easy storage on the go.

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Our gummies are produced in small batches using a unique sous vide process and high quality ingredients. Every batch is infused with full spectrum solventless hash or pharmaceutical grade distillate from terpene and cannabinoid rich strains from some of the finest cultivators in Canada. Our process – while not simple – is essential for delivering the quality we are beyond excited to provide. Available in a variety of flavours and potencies. Our artisanal edibles are lab tested for potency and quality.

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Temple Balls

The purest expression of hash, an homage to the great work of the late Frenchy Cannoli and all those who have paved the way for cannabis concentrates and fine-quality hashish. Our temple balls are beautiful spheres of bubble-hash resin hand pressed to an absolutely unflawed and hard surface polished to a mirror-like quality. Shaped to preserve the delicate resin within and produce an aged and unrivaled product; mature and unique to the very strain and cultivar it represents.

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